Robin of Sherwood Slot Game

Ever wanted to take the role of Robin Hood? Now you can with Microgaming's Robin of Sherwood online slot game. This game has 5 reels and 3 rows and it looks absolutely fantastic. Symbols, characters animations are icons are all great looking and the game is dynamic and fast-paced.

 Find all the popular characters from the Robin Hood series: Little John, Friar Tuck, Sheriff of Nottingham and of course Guinevere and Robin of Sherwood. These characters are all symbols in this online slot game. Three arrows are the wild symbol that enables plenty of extra features.

Play Robin of Sherwood online slot game

Robin of Sherwood online slot game main screen
Think of Robin of Sherwood online slot as the game you can play in any mood. It's a very friendly looking game with very like-able design and nice chill music. This slot machine does not aim to be serious rather an adventurous type.
This is how the main screen looks like in Robin of Sherwood slots. Traditional J to A poker card symbols is used along with faces of popular characters in Robin Hood.
Another appealing feature in this new online slot game is the double up feature. Some of us are tired of the old poker card guess the color thing. In Robin of Sherwood, the double up feature looks like this: the player is the archer and must shoot the arrow in one of the two designated targets.  If the arrow sticks on the target the winnings are doubled.

features in Robin of Sherwood
Wild turning feature:
This feature triggers randomly. All royal symbols J to A will be converted to wild symbols. Both Wild Turning Feature and Free Spins can be triggered with the same spin but are activated one after another.
In Robin of Sherwood slot, there are 243 ways of winning according to Microgaming. The lowest paying win symbol is, of course, the J. Guinevere pays 50, the Sheriff pays 100 and Robin pays 200 which is the highest.

Reasons to play Robin of Sherwood

  •  Extremely good looking slot game, dynamic and entertaining. 
  •  Easy to play and can be fun even in free mode. 
  •  Potential to win BIG with the 243 ways to win feature. 
  •  Unique looking double up system.


Robin of Sherwood is a brilliant slot game that visually looks great, its great to see that modern slot games can sometimes use new ideas and looks. The fun factor is at least 8 on a scale from 1 to 10. Beside looks, it has wild and free spins features and double up, the standard set for success in a modern online slot game.

Microgaming proves once again why it is one of the best online slot game providers. The game looks good and feels good when played. It runs great on tablet and mobile devices as well. Music is of good quality but a volume button would be nice.

It's a great 5x3 slot game that I strongly recommend playing. Even in fun mode, this game can be entertaining. Try it yourself, we posted the demo version of Robin of Sherwood online slot game.

Play Robin of Sherwood online slot game