Mongol Treasures Slots

Mongol treasures slot machine game intro
Endorphina Game studios take you to the steppes in Mongol Treasures. Find out if the nomad lifestyle suits you. Mongolia is a beautiful but at times harsh land where horses are plentiful. Tame horses of all colors white, brown and black in this nomad themed slot machine game.

Mongol Treasures is a 5 reel 3 row 10 lined video slot game with a horde (pun intended) of extra features. Free games, Scatter, Wilds, Expanding Symbol and Risk Game, all find their place. Needless to say that these features definitely add a boost to the Mongols treasure!

Mongol Treasures online slot machine game

Mongol Treasures Main Screen
This is the main screen in Mongol Treasures the nomadic themed online slot you will most definitely love. The symbols used are simple and on-point. Lower paying symbols are the usual A, K, Q, J, 10. Followed by the brown and black horse which have the same value. The highest paying symbols are the white horse, the mongoloid female, and mongoloid male both wearing traditional Mongol clothes.

The scatter symbols are the traditional Mongol clothes wearing woman which substitutes for all other symbols. Getting 3 scatter symbols starts the 10 Free Games with expanding feature.

The many features give this game immense replayability and winning potential. Even if visually the game does not promise much the general Mongol mood feeling and theme is there. Maybe the outdated or simplified graphics were intended.

Here is a trick for Mongol Treasures. I'm sure you will love it! Mute the in-game music and start the following video. It will definitely get you in the steppe nomad lifestyle mood 🐎

In all honesty, this music is amazing and goes so well with the game. I'm pretty sure if you get lucky and win lots while listening to this you will love me for it. Kappa.

Additional information

The declared RTP rate is set to 96%. We consider anything 96 or above to be fair. The minimum total bet is 0.01 while the maximum bet is 100. There is no question that Mongol Treasure was meant to be played for real money.

Considering the many features the 96 return to the player makes some sense. There is a gamble which enables every win to be doubled several times.

Looks and feels

Visually the game is not the great looking. It almost feels intentional. Most of Endorphina's games have top-notch visuals, designs, and symbols. If you can bypass the looks you will find a pretty solid game that can entertain you for an extended period of time.

Gameplay wise Mongol Treasures has no flaws. Everything runs smoothly, there are no buggy spin reactions or animations. We greatly appreciate dynamic slot games.
Due to the high number of features that allow crazy big wins the fun factor is 9/10. This, after we muted the game's sounds and started playing original mongoloid music.

The Mongols Treasure slot game is available for free below. Thank Endorphina for that, and thank them also for making a pretty solid nomad themed slot game.

Mongol Treasures online slot machine game