Pirate Slot Game

 Gambling, raiding ships and drinking rum. What better way to sum up a pirate's adventurous life? Do you have what it takes to become a pirate? Igrosoft lets you find out, in probably one of the best online pirate slot game. Write your own destiny and become as notorious as Black Beard.

To get you in the mood, imagine you are a famous pirate, Calico Jack, Charles Vane or Ann Bonny 🏴‍☠️ Avast ye scallywag! Better grab that booty or walk the plank! Sorry, got carried away, back to the game now.

Yo Ho Ho claim yer booty

Pirate slot
This is it. This is how a classic pirate slot machine should look like. 5 reels, 3 rows, and 9 lines. There is no need for an overcomplicated spin system, we are pirates! We want to loot, treasures, chests and to win!

Symbols used are the following: a barrel of rum, pirate's hook, flintlock, cutlass pair, bomb, cannon, spyglass, chest, treasure map and the face of a famous pirate. This authentic pirate slot promises winning up to a maximum of 675.000 credits. For its age and history, it has some decent features that indeed have good winning potential.

Pirate Bonus game starts when 3 or more chest symbols appear anywhere on the reels. Opening a chest with treasure grants a prize. The bonus game ends when all chests are opened or a skeleton is found.

The Barrel Bonus feature shows the player 10 barrels to choose from by rolling dice. 10 barrels, 2 dies, ultimate showdown :D All barrels contain gems and it is possible to collect all. The game begins from barrel placed in from of the cannon. Clicking on a rolling dice will stop it and reveal a number at which the cannon will aim at. The barrel is then opened and the treasure is revealed. The piracy barrel bonus ends when an already opened barrel is aimed at.

Pirate Slot risk feature
A pirate's life is hard. Sometimes you find no gold, no silver or valuables. But when a win happens there's the Risk Feature.

The Risk mini-game is simple. After a win on the reels, the player can double the amount at a 50-50 chance. A die is rolled in a mug that is equally red and black colored. If the player managed to guess the right color the amount won is doubled and the process can be repeated. Failing to guess will end the risk game.

Your ship holds these two features that can lead you to riches. To be precise, its possible to play from 1 to 810 credits. The maximum bet per line is 90.

- This is the free version or demo version of the classic Pirate slot game, which is the favorite of many. Set the lines, set the bet and find some of the gems, jewels, and money. If you run out of credits simply reload the page or sign up for a generous bonus offer. Piracy is easier with a bonus 🤔.

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Yo Ho Ho  claim yer booty

Pay up or sail off!

We can't express enough how much we like this game, and what a great job Igrosoft has done. Let's be honest, in the world of modern slot machines to find a classic pirate slot that still has a fan base and its played regularly is no small feat. Outdated graphics and sounds don't mean much when you are determined in becoming a pirate. Playing for real money adds a whole new feel and seriousness to this piracy game. There are several sites that offer first deposit and reload bonuses.


The number of pirate slots is not that high! So whenever you stumble upon one you should definitely try it. This slot still has many great things to offer. Entertainment has a funny setting and simple symbols. Riches. It is possible to make insane winning combos and then double up.
Unique features. Both features the game has are unique, you will find them nowhere else. They have a nice design with golden coins and shiny chests filled with precious stones.
Don't waste any time and give this game a chance, its a genuine pirate slot with rewards, as every slot should be!