Slotomoji video slot game

 We all use emojis or smiley faces all the time, every day. On Facebook and other social media and while chatting with friends. There is no better way to let other how you feel or what mood you are in.

Slotomoji is a video slot game that has an emoji overload. Endorphina is known for implementing crazy new ideas in modern looking fresh slot games. In this 5 reels 3 row and 10 line game, there are extra features that turbo up winnings, special wild, multiplier, and risk game.

Just a quick note. Slotmoji is a modern looking video slot. Its intended for those who love to use and abuse emoticons 😋 Its very easy to get going with this game since the symbols are straightforward and easy to remember. Smiley faces or emoticons usually tend to offer a non-serious look and feel to anything they are associated with. So this video slot game can be perfect for relaxation.

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Slotomoji Main Screen
All symbols used are of course emojis. From lowest to highest these symbols are: sleepy and music icon, angry face and lovely face, star and lightning strike, grin emoji and sick and sad emojis. The highest paying symbol is, of course, the Face with Tears of Joy 😂.

Wild symbols have 3 appearances. On the second reel, the Wild symbols are the ballerina. The 3rd reel has the afro singer as the wild and the 4th reel has a red suit samurai as Wild symbol.

Slotomoji Wild substitutes for all other symbols. It covers the whole reel and activates the respin feature. During this the win line payout is multiplied according to the awarded multiplier value. The value is increased with every re-spin that does not land a win.

This is the paytable tab and shows how much each smiley face or emoji is worth on the current bet. It also shows the 3 wild symbols, the blue ballerina, afro singer and red samurai.

The RTP is set to 96%. RTP simply means Return to the player. It's the rate at which the machine is set to pay out. Yes, this also means the machine keeps 4% of all money invested into it. For a better perspective of things think of it this way. Land-based slot vendors have 80 to 90% return rate, in the very best cases. This can be much, much lower in many cases.


After playing Slotomoji for real money for several months now we can safely say that this video slot is simply amazing. At first glimpse it may not look like much but as you progress you realize you are not quite done with this game. So the replay value is pretty good, almost  Easter Island's value in comparison.

The fun factor is at least 8 of 10. This, however, is mostly based on taste. If you are a lover of emojis you will most likely enjoy everything about Slotomoji without playing for real money.

Below we attached the free version of Slotomoji video slot game. You simply set the bet and spin to win. Try out all the extra features hiding in this emoji rich slot. If you liked our review on Slotomoji please do share this page. Thanks and have fun!

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