Viking Runecraft - Authentic viking slot game

Are you ready to adventure in the Norse mythology to meet the Viking gods and earn your place in Valhalla? Viking Runecraft slot game made by Play'n Go lets you do just that. Odin, Thor, Freya and Heimdall will guide you on your journey.

Abandoning the old 5 reels 3 row setting this Viking slot game uses 7 reels and 7 rows. Winning symbols are mostly Nordic elements, as expected. Runes, Viking accessories like the axe, helmet and amulet.

Runes explained: Runes of different colours are the lower paying symbols. The Wealth Rune is the red one, followed by the Kaun Rune, a symbol of knowledge which is yellow. The Madr rune is the blue one and represents humanity in Norse mythology. The light purple symbol is the Siegel rune which represents the sun. The green rune represents divinity or something divine.

Viking Runecraft video slot machine

Win 5000 times your bet with Viking Slots
This slot game with Vikings distinguishes itself from other modern slot machine games with almost every aspect. Its a feature rich Norse mythology themed online slot game that really rewards its players.

The growing bonus or Valhalla wheel is a unique reward system. Its charged by collecting runes. Each time the player manages to get a winning combination with rune symbols the value increases. Collected rune stones will activate winning spaces on the bonus wheel.

Levels are introduced in a creative way. Its no RPG but personally I like it a lot. In order to level up, the player must clear patterns. Levels 2, 40 and 4000 unlock the four gods Thor, Odin, Freya, and Heimdall.

Thor, Odin, Freya and Heimdall

Ragnarok Charge bonus
The Ragnarok Charge Bonus feature is an additional overtime reward system. There are four charge levels when charged unleashes awesome powers and awesome rewards. Activates when winning on 20 symbols.

Fury of Fenrir. Fenrir or Fenrisulfr is a monstrous wolf in Norse mythology that first perfectly in the Viking slots setting. Once active, four diagonal lines of symbols are selected. Two are removed and the other two are transformed to the same symbol.

Judgment of Jormungandr. Also known as the Midgard world serpent, is the middle child of the giantess Angrboda and Loki. When active, the power unleashes a chain of symbols on the selected grid. Most are destroyed and some are transformed.

Charge levels
Scorching of Surtr. In Nordic mythology, Surtr is a jotunn, an entity contrasted with gods. He is the guardian of the frontier to the of the fiery realm Muspell. While active, this power selects three different symbols. Surrounding symbols are destroyed and the selected symbols are duplicated.

Lure of Loki. We all know Loki from the Avengers movie series. He is the god of mischief. His power is the following: All of two different symbols are selected. One group is destroyed and the other transformed to the same symbol.

Viking Runecraft video slot machine

Looks and Feels

One could argue that overusing features makes a game too complicated. This is not the case with Viking Runecraft, one of the best Viking slot games to date. Play'n Go proves once again that slot games can be more than a 5-minute attraction. There is no question that coming up with all these amazing features and extra mechanics took a lot of time. This game is perfect and one of the best slot games with Vikings we have ever played or seen.


Even if it's not a 777 slot game, Viking Runecraft is simply too good to miss. We felt like we are doing readers a disservice if not present this slot machine game. It's that good. Strongly recommend playing the free version of this game to get familiar with the many new extra elements this video slot brings.

Don't miss this one! Play it, share it, book mark it. A beautiful and meaningful slot game themed on Norse mythology. Yes, this game is actually about something. The extra features give the game increased replayability value and massive winning potential. Have fun!