2027 ISS

- Are you a fan of science fiction? 2027 ISS will take you on an intergalactic journey. Ok, maybe this is a bit too much but this is how the developers of the game, Endorphina, advertise the game. 2027 is a 5x3 reel-type game using pretty decent soundtrack and some space-themed symbols. Its safe to say that 2027 ISS is a space-themed slot game. We love the idea of futuristic or space elements is introduced in online slot games, for this reason, we have added the free flash version of the game to this page. It can be found below.

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Main screen of 2027 ISS slot game
  This is the main screen in 2027 ISS slot game. While the symbols are clear and visible the design of the symbols could be sharper. The colours used could be more live like also. Setting these aside 2027 is still a great slot game.

While it does not encourage the space pirate theme i would personally like it certainly comes a breath of fresh air after years of fruit themed slot games. Diversity is good.

The 2027 ISS space adventure slot game is set to 96% RTP rate. From what I understand this applies to both the free version and the real money version. We have currently not tested this game for real money mode. As the image shows symbols used are quite simple standard poker cards symbols with satellites, dices and the International Space Station as extra symbols. What makes this game great are the extra features, scatter, free games and double up risk game. Basically, any and every win can be doubled by guessing a higher card than shown. This feature is great and should be included in all slot games, it makes the game so much better.

Main menu of 2027 ISS
  2027 ISS has a very well structured menu with many options. Sometimes little details count. Statistics (logs), language, graphics and sound settings can be found. general information about the game and the features are also explained in detail.

The scatter symbol is the International Space Station which is represented by the letters ISS. 3 or more scatter symbols trigger unlimited free games with x3 multiplier.

The wild symbol is the astronaut helmet or pilot and it substitutes for all other symbols except the fuel symbol and hyper jump symbol and scatter symbol. Fuel symbol adds one fuel cell and pays 2x total bet. Hyperspace jump symbol consumes one fuel cell and pays 2x total bet. Fuel and hyperspace symbols appear at random and cannot be influenced by the player. Keep in mind that only the highest winning combination is paid.

  This is a risk feature that allows any win to be doubled several times. Its really a reworked version of the famous two card double up by guessing the colour of the cards. In 2027 ISS the new risk feature allows doubles for 10 times. Here is how it goes: the dealer deals a revealed card. The player is dealt 4 hidden cards. At this point, the player must guess a card and it must be higher than the dealers to win the risk game.

Here is the RTP for each of the players cards: 2 - 162%, 3 - 121%, 4 - 114%, 5 - 101%. 6 - 100%, 7 - 100%, 8 - 100%, 9 -92%, 10 - 78%, J - 69%, Q - 66%, K - 64%, A - 42%
Hope this helps 🙂
Go ahead, feel free to practice the risk double feature on the free version of 2027 ISS game below.

Have fun playing the free version of 2027 ISS. If you run out of credits simply reload the page. This game is available for real money here.

This short recording is from our first time playing 2027 ISS slot game at Golden Star. The game is not fancy but it is a very entertaining slot game with many features. If you enjoyed this game share this page. Thanks!

How it feels to play 2027 ISS

Playing for free or real money the player definitely wins! You can tell at the loading screen music that this is going to be a good game. Personally, 2027 ISS reminded me of FTL (Faster Than Light game) it really gets you in the mood for exploring space. I would not be surprised if Elon Musk picked this game up 🤣.

I usually play on 1 bet on 9 lines, 9 total bet. Before even starting to spin i hear the countdown in my head three two one: Space Station. This is when the big win happens. I have doubled my money two times playing this game. In fact, in total i have managed to win about 700 EUR playing this game on minimal bet.

I'm the kind of guy that doubles the "super win" feature with take risk. The good part is that you actually lose nothing after the first right guess you get to see the next card. You can then collect your win if the card is high or gamble some more.

Have fun playing this awesome game, don't forget to TAKE RISK :)

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