Our Favourite Twitch Slot Game Streamers

# Reel Raiders on twitch (English stream)

Reel Raiders English slot game streamer
From their page: Hello Raider! Our names are Emma and Rebecca, we are two Swedish girls who love to gamble and live in the casino wonderland Malta and started this channel the 1st of March. We do other things on the side but this is our main gig. Our goal with this channel is to entertain while showing you the best and the most fun way to play casino games. We usually play slots but can switch it up with some Roulette and black jack.

# vtuss on twitch (Russian stream)

vtuss - streamer
From his page: I love casino and play for more than 10 years My main earnings is advertising I love good alcohol: Whiskey, bourbon I'm a cheerful and positive person, if you treat me well, then I'm the same to you!

# MEGAorNOTHINK on twitch (French stream)

From his page: 
Name: Jason 
Age: 30 
Country: France 
Work: textile factory (Best job ever ......) 
Hobby: Online Casino (I've been playing for 10 years!

# Ozhop on twitch (Russian stream)

ozhop Russian Streamer

#gurkenhals on twitch (German stream)

gurkenhals German streamer