Lucky 7 slot game

- Want a simple slot machine game to try your luck? Look no further! Lucky 7 slot game is known for its simplicity. The game was made back in 2009 by Betsoft. The simplicity of the game seems intentional, aiming for a classic slot machine game themed on sevens.

Looks very similar to slot machines popular in Vegas. A 3 reel slot game on 1 line without any extra features seems a bit outdated but Lucky 7 remained relevant becoming a classic. It is definitely one of the games Betsoft can take pride in. This simple slot game runs on any device from tablet to mobile, iOS or Android. The game is set to 97% RTP according to Betsoft.


Lucky 7 comes with 2 view modes. This is the compact view mode where the paytable is included right on top of the machine like a Vegas slot machine. This element accentuates the Vegas feel.

The symbols and the design are quite simple and maybe slightly outdated. In Lucky 7 what you see is what you get. As the image shows the maximum win is 5000 playing on the maximum bet which is 3 coins. While this game runs on any device it requires no download and its available for free or real money.

Int his particular game spinning can end between the symbols, meaning you can get no symbols at all. In this game red 7 is the luckiest number, how many can you collect?
Even tho never tried this game for real money I can image it more like a mood game. Playing while waiting for someone at a bar or something similar, can't imagine playing it for hours in front of a computer. But that's just me.
The game's popularity is probably mainly due to its name and theme used. Lucky 7 is a game that is easy to remember.

This is the second screen which excludes the paytable, and simplifies the game even more. At this point, the game looks like a perfect fit for a mobile device and less for a desktop.

If this classic Vegas style slot game is something you like and want to play for real money the perfect choice is VIDEOSLOTS which is a legal partner of Betsoft.
In fact, Betsoft's collection contains a bunch of classic slot games. The good part is that anyone can play for free for an unlimited time and also for real money.

Can imagine someone playing for real money on three coins bet and winning 5000 coins. That would be something. If you think you are that guy go ahead and explore the world of classic slot machine games starting with Lucky 7.

Try Lucky 7 slot game for free right now. If you run out of credits simply reload the page 🤔 haha. If you like the game and our review please share this page with your friends. Thanks and good luck!

My experience playing Lucky 7

Can't say that I am a big fan of this game but did enjoy playing the free version to some extent. My favorites are 5x3 reel slot games and this one is way too simple for me. I like the fact that you can choose to show the entire slot machine game with the paytable at the top. It's an interesting idea.

Beside this noticed that every second and third spin was a win. A small win but a win nonetheless. Cherries popping up every time during my 10-minute play. Not sure I would want to play a 3x1 slot game for real money. If you are looking for a simple 3x1 Vegas classic then this game is definitely for you.

Fun factor for me in this game was 4, on a scale from 1 to 10. Maybe because don't like too much simplicity, maybe its because I played the free version only.