Lucky Pirates Slot Game

Lucky Pirates
Sometimes all you need is a funny slot game with... Pirates! In this Pirate Slots, Playson combines elements from fruit machines, adding each fruit faces and pirate clothes and looks. Blueberries, lemons, oranges, watermelons, cherries, plums are all dressed up as pirates in the Lucky Pirate Slot game.

There are 5 reels with 3 rows and 9 pay lines. The highest paying symbol is the pirate captains parrot followed by the Wild Symbol the golden coin. The Scatter Symbol is a red seashell armed with a cutlass and a blunderbuss. Getting the highest win or jackpot in Lucky Pirates Slot is done by filling the screen with the highest paying symbol, the parrot. The pay for this rare jackpot is 5000 times the bet. On the minimum bet of 0.27 hitting the parrot jackpot will result in winning 1350.

More About the Game

Lucky Pirates
The general feeling in Lucky Pirates is very happy, which is the complete opposite of Clash of Pirates, for example. While we prefer a more serious themed pirate slot game we definitely gave Lucky Pirates a chance too. Beside the Scatter and Wild Features not much happens. This does not mean the game is boring but compared to other Playson games its way less entertaining.

The fruit pay symbols that appear as pirates are pretty simple, the only nice symbol is the Red Parrot. The Wild Symbol also has a nice design, unfortunately, these two don't really match with the rest.

Play Lucky Pirates Slot For Free

This is the free version of the Lucky Pirates Slot game. The minimum bet is 0.27 and the maximum bet is 90.00. Getting a win combination with 3 parrots award 500.00 in winnings at maximum bet. Free to play credits can be replenished by reloading the page.


Pro Pirates
Truth is Lucky Pirates most likely won't go down as the best pirate slot in history. In fact, very few pirate slots manage to convey the genuine piracy feeling. There is certainly room for improvement in Lucky Pirates, design, music and feature wise. While our team of editors here on 777 Slots has a generally positive opinion about Playson and their game, this one looks unfinished.

Make no mistake, Lucky Pirates Slot can be fun to play for a period of time. It just lacks the special features to keep a player entertained for an extended duration. Dressing up a standard 5x3 slot machine in funny looks doesn't work anymore.

What would make Lucky Pirates Slot better? Adding some historical pirates as characters, with famous quotes as sound effects. A unique mini-game and a gamble or risk feature would do magic, also. Smashing fruit symbols into a pirate titled slot just won't cut it. It is true that we are pretty exigent about pirate themed slots because they are our favorites, so if you liked Lucky Pirates ignore all we just said.