Route 777

Get on your bike and on the desert highway in Elk Studios Route 777 3x3 reel slot game. Showing some great looking design and a decent soundtrack this game aims to entertain through dynamic gameplay. If you are a biker there is a very high chance you will like this desert biker themed game.

Players can bet as low as 0.20 or highest at 100. Route 777 has no special features and no double up, here what you see is what you get. If you are looking for simplistic 777 themed slot game that has good looks this game is perfect for you!

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Route 777 reels
This is it. This is where all the action happens on Route 777. This game runs great on any device desktop, tablet or mobile. Symbols used are sevens (red 7 and black 7), lemons, cacti, BAR and the biker helmet skulls.

Overtake Respins feature is triggered when you get 2 identical matches on two reels. Played is then rewarded with 5 respins.
Another unique element is the betting strategy which allows the calculation of bet level according to available money.

Route 777 is not your traditional 3 reel slot by any stretch of the imagination – it has 2 modern bonus features which have the potential to pay out very nicely. Actually, Route 777 is highly volatile and offers maximum wins of 4,000 times your stake on every spin/free spin! All you need to do is turn up the engine to go for a hell of a ride!

paytable screen
This is the paytable in Route777. As the graph shows it is possible to win up to 400.000 by getting all three different colour seven symbols.
Playing this game for real money was a mixed experience.

The €50 starting money allowed for about 15 minutes of play on €1 bet per spin, the game lasted for about 15 minutes before the money vanished. Most often lemons and cherries popped up which paid €1 to €2. Also got four red 7's and got paid €15. Bonus game showed 2 times but yielded close to nothing.

The spin of the wheel alone won €30 from three spins. To be honest 5 Overtake respins is a joke compared to spin the wheel. The game overall is good and its definitely worth a test spin. For this reason, we have made the game available for free below.

Play Route 777 for free online, if you run out of free credits simply reload the page and you can play more. If you like this game share this page with your friends. Thank you!

My experience playing Route 777

Every time I download a mobile game or app have some doubts about its quality and features. Route 777 was no different, it looked simple and boring just like the other hundreds of slot machine games Ii played the past week. There are no big flashy objects or win features that fill the whole screen, the game tries to be humble, simple and easy.

The 50€ invested allowed me about 15 minutes of playtime. Maybe it was just bad luck but lemons and cherries were all I got most of the time. I played on 1€ bet per spins and got 2 or 3€ winning combinations most of the time. Now, understand that in games of chance anything can happen, still, you expect a bigger win. When finished playing I had a meh feeling about the game.

Don't think this game is the best choice for beginners, it's a slot game intended for returning players who have a bankroll for gambling purposes already set. The fun factor for me in this game, on a scale from 1 to 10 was around 6.

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