Surprising 7

Are you ready to play probably the best seven themed slot game😹? Here it is: Surprising 7 comes from Spinomenal and this article will explain in detail why its such a fabulous game. The entertainment factor is very strong in this game, when played it gives the feeling that rewards never end.

The goal in every slot game is to win and Surprising seven makes sure you win at every step. Symbols used are A, K, J, Q, cherries, diamonds, bells, BAR and of course the number seven. The wild, bonus and free spins are simply written in a text - this makes everything less complicated. The sounds and design give this game a very dynamic and "something always happens" feeling.

Surprising 7 button

Surprising 7 slot game main screen
The attached image shows the main screen of the game, this is where most of the action happens in Surprising 7. Ok, so this game has the looks but does it offer more than that? Let's find out.

Aiming to be a modern slot game the game wants to offer big surprises, to achieve this BIG WIN and MEGA WIN can often be seen on screen.

In fact, you cannot play more than 30 seconds without bumping into a feature. Some of the time wins are insignificant, this can be expected when so many features are added.
Surprising 7 free spins feature works the following way: 3 or more symbols triggers the said feature, multiplies the total bet by x7 and grants 7 free spins.

The Surprising seven bonus feature works like this: 3 or more symbols trigger the feature and leads the player to a different classic slot machine :) There 5 spins are granted and the total win is multiplied by the bet. Spinomenal states that RTP is 95.45%.

Surprising 7 bonus features
The fact that symbols used are simple and easy to understand makes the game simple and easy to remember.
We tested this game both free and real money. Playing for real adds slightly more to the win hype whenever it occurs.

Overall Spinomenal has made a pretty good game that can become a favourite in no time. We rate Surprising 7 a solid 8 on a scale from 1 to 10. Some visual updates would be nice maybe but besides that, it has everything for all types of players.

Getting a nice bonus for this game is also possible, I can only imagine playing on a higher bet and winning. That would be insane, probably would keep me playing in feature more for an hour.
We made this great game available below as free flash game because we like it so much.

Have fun playing the free version! If you liked this game as much as we did please share it. If you run out of coins simply reload the page and you can play some more.

How it feels to play Surprising 7

Well, the game has a lot of surprises haha. Truth is this game was built in a smart way, you can have it in the background running on a desktop with sound on and you still would not mind. This says a lot, it has a very likeable music. The design and symbols give you the impression that there is something good going on even before spinning the reel.

Being one of my personal favourites Surprising 7 is a game I enjoy playing and have been playing for years now. It's the kind of game you pick up easy forget about it and pick it up again. The fun factor on a scale from 1 to 10 is a solid 9 at least for me. Whenever I hear the word "slot"  automatically think of this game.

Most of the time i play for real money on my android phone. On the 5th of March 2018 managed to get a huge win of 550 EUR. Needless to say, that still have money in the account to this day. This game has gained my trust over the years and not many online slot games can say the same thing.

Surprising 7 is suitable for beginners and experienced players alike. If you are new to this game give it a chance and test it for free. The never ending bonus features into free spins into bonus features again await :)

Surprising 7 button